Family rodeo company continues to thrive

Iron Hide is the resident Longhorn bull at the Lone Star ranch.

Iron Hide is the resident Longhorn bull at the Lone Star ranch. PHOTO BY ZIRCONIA ALLEYNE

By Zirconia Alleyne

Sitting inside the Fowlkes family home, it’s clear that their rodeo roots run deep. Rustic décor, cow hides and mounted bull skulls are a small piece of a bigger picture that includes more than 200 head of cattle grazing on 660 acres of rolling hills. It looks like a scene that could only be captured on a ranch out West, but luckily, it’s right down a gravel road in Crofton.

Preston Fowlkes Jr. and his wife, Karen, have been running Lone Star Rodeo Co. for 39 years. His father, Preston Fowlkes Sr., started the company 65 years ago in Marfa, Texas. Continue reading

Farmer-owned cooperative has served grain buyers and sellers since 1968

By Rae Wagoner

Director of Communication

Kentucky Soybean Promotion Board

Editor, Kentucky Soybean Sentinel

Hopkinsville Elevator Company, Inc., is the state’s largest farmer-owned cooperative, and according to Assistant Grain Manager Ben Westerfield, “that’s the key to our success.”

Back in 1968, a small group of farmers developed plans for forming Hopkinsville Elevator as a cooperative. Approximately 180 investors proceeded to buy an existing grain facility to serve local needs. The co-op grew through the years to over 3,000 patrons serving more than 100 counties in Kentucky and Tennessee.  Continue reading