5 ways to find solace while working

By Olivia Clark
Spring is one of the busiest times of the year for area agriculturalists. Selecting the ground, preparing the soil and planting are all vital yet tiring steps in farming.
Due to all the demands on farmers to get the crops planted in a timely fashion, their battles with the weather and having to make the most of each hour of the day, there is little thought in making time to relax. Hopefully, the tips below will help you and your farmer to remember to smell the roses while working hard.Enjoy the view
With an office view of God’s nature at their fingertips, farmers have a perspective like no other — whether it is simply gazing around to enjoy the panoramic view from the seat of the tractor, combine or truck, or enjoying the peace and quiet as you take a break from all the work under a shade tree. One of the special things about being involved in production agriculture is the office is outdoors. There’s not an option to be stuck behind a desk for the entirety of the profession. When trying to get your farmer to relax, remind them to enjoy the beauty of the view and to soak in all God gave us to enjoy.

Meditate or pray
Taking time to calm the mind in peace and quiet can be the best relaxation technique of all. Unwinding from the day may simply take some time alone for reflection, as mentioned in a good walk. Praying to the Maker to appreciate what it means to be a farmer, for the walks, the “field” trips, the view, or the “music” of farming.

Go on a walk
Many different kinds of stress come along in the day of a farmer. Finding time to relieve that stress can be a struggle. A good, brisk walk could be that stress reliever to help with that. This may not be a walk with anyone but a walk alone. Having a moment to think and reflect on a hard day’s work may be what one needs to recharge.

Listen to music
Everyone needs their own “jam” to get them going or to pump them up for the day ahead. Whether it is starting the day or getting recharged during a mid-day slump, music can bring the day to life. Encouraging music or up- tempo music may add a special touch to farmer’s playlist to get them through the day. Creating a special commercial free playlist for a farmer might be nice touch to his day to make him or her further relax. The ride in the tractor, sprayer, truck, or other implement can be long and sometimes boring.

Take “field” trips
Finding time for a meal with loved ones is a difficult task for farmers during planting and harvest seasons. Tireless hours are put forth, and meals are often eaten on the run or not at all. With this in mind, this is a great opportunity for the family or friends of farmers to pack a picnic meal and make a “field” trip to the farm for supper.
For families, this is a good opportunity to spend some time with their dad and husband. Many times, farmers feel there aren’t enough hours of daylight to get what they need to get done before the next rain. They are often limited in the hours they are home to enjoy quality family time. Make the most of what time they have available.

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