‘Meals on wheels’ takes on new meaning for farm families


By Rae Wagoner

Kentucky Soybean Board

When most people think of tailgating, images of ball games or other sporting events come to mind. For farm families, though, a truck-tailgate picnic in the field may be the only way Dad gets dinner during planting and harvest seasons. It may be the only family time spent together on any given day, a bright spot in an otherwise long and weary 24-hour period.

With the soybean crop thriving and record acres planted this year, some farmers will work from before daylight to long after dark, pausing only to shower and grab a few hours of sleep before returning to the combine this harvest season. They’ll be mighty glad to see the wife and kids arrive with “meals on wheels.” A precious half-hour with the little ones along with the evening meal is a welcome respite from row after row of the same view. Continue reading