Todd’s tips for protecting animal health in winter

Photo by Tony Hurt

Photo by Tony Hurt

By Susan Hurt
With the mercury dropping as quickly as the Waterford Crystal Ball in Times Square, people are bundling up and staying indoors as much as possible. But some of our four-legged friends are not as fortunate and must endure months of cold, wind, ice and snow.
When it comes to protecting animal health and ensuring their productivity, it is important to know a few facts. Dr. Todd Freeman, veterinarian of Little River Veterinary Clinic, shares a few tips to help ensure our animals can bear the winter months comfortably. Continue reading

2 recipes that are sure to warm your body, fill your belly

By Diane Turner
The visions of sugar plums have danced out of sight, the turkey and ham is all gone, and picnics and barbecues are still months away. We are now left with the short days and cold nights of winter, and I’m sure that, like me, you are looking for easy recipes to fill your family’s stomachs, so you don’t have to spend time away from them in the kitchen.
Diane’s Lasagna and Crock-Pot Pork Chops are crowd favorites among my family and friends. Both recipes are inexpensive, don’t take long to prep and are sure to please the pickiest of eaters. Hopefully your families will enjoy these recipes at dinnertime. They are also great meals to take to others who may be too busy to cook while tending to the farm. Continue reading